About the campaign

Rough Guides has always believed in the power of a good story, especially stories inspired by discovering the world through travel. Swapping tales with a new-found friend after taking an off-the-beaten-track detour. Finding your new favourite food while exploring a local farmers’ market. Finding yourself after getting lost in a forest. You know how it goes – travel makes for life-changing on-the-road experiences.

With international travel mostly on hold at the moment - and a long road to recovery ahead - we believe it’s more vital than ever to provide our global community with information, inspiration and hope for the future.


Who would we like to hear from

And that’s where our Tell Us Your Story initiative comes in - we’re inviting tourist boards and authorities, inspiring community projects and travel-related businesses to share stories and news, so we can share them with our well-travelled, internationally minded Rough Guides community. But we also want to hear from you, as a person - how has the situation affected you and your project? 

We’d especially love to hear from organizations and projects with a strong sustainable travel ethos, and from female-led or female-empowering companies and initiatives that change lives. For example, are you part of a female-led tour company? Are you involved with a women’s farming project? Are you a female entrepreneur doing something different to transform lives in your region? 


What kind of stories?

Whether you’re an established business adapting and preparing for the future, or a community project working to make a difference, we’re here to listen to your story.


- What’s the situation in your area/city/country?

- How have you responded to the immediate challenges of COVID-19?

- How are you shifting your longer-term plans?

- Tell us something nice. Despite current challenges, what positive stories would you like to share?


Fill in the short form below and tell us your story. We can't wait to share it across our audiences. 


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