“It’s travel, Jim, but not as we know it”


With the world in lock-down and travel adventures something we can only dream of at present, Rough Guides - with generous support from our Xbox/Microsoft partners -  is proud to offer a free eBook edition of The Rough Guide to Xbox so gamers (and dreamers) can make the most of their time at home via in-game digital tourism. If you want to get your hands on a fabulous copy of the Rough Guide to Xbox in print, head to the Microsoft Online Store. All proceeds from the sales of the Rough Guide to Xbox will go to UK Charity SpecialEffect. 

Created in partnership with Xbox, The Rough Guide to Xbox is a pioneering guide that embraces digital tourism in a gaming context. Like all Rough Guides, it’s a valuable travel companion, except every place can only be visited virtually in Xbox games.

Using Rough Guides’ unique “tell it like it is” ethos and user-friendly format, it’s designed to encourage wandering off-piste, away from the gameplay action. All of which means you can explore epic off-the-beaten-track locations - from the dense jungles and epic temples of Shadow of the Tomb Raider, to the otherworldly planet of Anthem - while staying safe at home.


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